If you have any more questions. Please call us today!

When is the best time to reserve equipment for my party or event?

We recommend reserving items and equipment as early as possible. Holidays are often times booked far in advance, and popular wedding dates may also have limited availability. A reservation is required to guarantee rental availability.

Can I modify an existing reservation?

We welcome adjustments to orders until ten days prior to the event, however additions can not be guaranteed. Cancellations must be discussed with a representative.

How do I make a reservation?

You are more than welcome to stop into our office, or we accept reservations over the phone and email. Email requests are not considered a confirmation without an official reservation. We ask that you sign a rental contract and place a 25% deposit to secure reservations.

How do I get an estimate for my party of event?.

We recommend a phone consultation or estimates by email through the contact page on our website. Site visits are recommended for first time event venues as well.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on a full weekend rental (Sat-Sun). If you require a longer rental, additional charges may be incurred so please call us for more information.

When is final payment due?

Final payment is due ten days before delivery unless prior arrangements have been made. We accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). You may also prepay at anytime!

Do you deliver to my city/town?

Celebration Rentals can travel to most cities and towns within an 65 mile radius of our shop in Brandon. During high volume weeks availability can depend on proximity, so please call to see if we service your area and check for availability.

What are your delivery fees?

Delivery fees are based upon the location of the event. Please call for quotations of delivery. You may pick up some items from our warehouse at no cost.

What time will you deliver and pick-up my items?

Delivery will vary based on the size of your order and event location. Event orders are typically delivered 1-4 days prior to the event date. We do try to honor requests for delivery and pick-up, however there may be a charge for strict date and time restrictions due to adjustments to our schedule.

Do I have to be home for delivery?

We recommend that you, or a representative be present at the time of delivery to ensure that your items are correct and delivered to correct location. We ask that all lawn care or property maintenance at the install site be taken care of before the date of installation. If you cannot be home, we will deliver the items to a pre-designated location and consider all items to be correct.

Does your staff set up equipment?

All items will be properly set up and secured by our trained personnel. Other items that are installed by our personnel are dancefloor, walls and lighting. Rentals costs does not include the set up of tables and chairs. If setup of these items is needed, there is an additional fee of $1.00 per table and $.50 per chair that will be incurred. A layout for these items must be provided unless you or a representative are present to instruct our team where items must be placed.

What if I am missing items on delivery?

We do our best to count every item on delivery, but it is the responsibility of the customer to be on site accompanying a Celebration Rentals representative to be sure that all items on your contract have been delivered and accounted for. Any discrepancies need to be brought to our attention BEFORE your event date. Any discrepancies on pick-up will be assumed as lost equipment.

Is there a fee for equipment pick-up?

No additional feel for pick-up. Delivery fees on the invoice will cover both delivery and pick up. Items must be ready and accessible at the time of pick-up. If a return trip is required to retrieve items, a second fee may be applied.

Should I do anything with the items before you pick them up?

Please clear all garbage and decorations from under the tent and place the tables and chairs in the same location that they were dropped off. Please place rented table linens in the provided bag. Dining items must be free of food debris and rinsed, then placed in the crates in which they arrived. You are not responsible for cleaning dining items or linens. Please do not attempt to take down the tent structure. Please note that additional charges will be applied if trash and garbage is not cleaned from under the tent. All rental items must be protected from the elements under the tent or other structure.

What happens if items are damaged or lost?

The customer will be responsible for all items from the time of delivery to the time of pick-up. The customer will be charged replacement or repair costs for lost, stolen or damaged equipment due to misuse or negligence, if the amount of damage exceeds the value of the 4% damage waiver on the invoice.

Can you install tents over decks, patios or driveways?

Yes. Our tents can be installed over decks, patios or driveways given the space needed. Sometimes this requires special staking , so please let us know what type of surface you plan to place the tent on. A site visit is suggested and often times required for such installations.

Are your tents fire retardant?

All of our tents have a certificate of flame retardancy. We will be glad to email or fax a copy of the certificate to you upon request.

Do you have insurance?

We carry auto, liability, and workman’s compensation insurance. We will be glad to provide you with a copy of our insurance certification upon request.

What should I do about underground electrical wire or water systems?

The customer is responsible for notifying us of any underground utilities that may be present if staking is necessary for your event. If underground utilities are present or you are unsure, please call 1-800-DIG-SAFE, which is a free service offered by utility companies. We will not be responsible for any damage to sprinkler systems as these can not be accurately marked.